CD Hommage à Schumann
  • Schumann op.73 - Zart und mit Ausdruck
  • Schumann op.73 - Lebhaft, leicht
  • Kurtág - Merkwürdige Pirouetten
  • Kurtág - In der Nacht
  • Schumann op.107 - Der Gärtner
  • Schumann op.107 - Im Wald
  • Widmann - Nachtstück
  • Schumann op.56 - Nicht zu schnell
  • Schumann op.56 - Mit innigem Ausdruck

CD Hommage à Schumann

Robert Schumann 1810-1856
Fantasiestücke Op.73 arranged by Aribert Reimann, for clarinet, flute, harp & two violas (2007)

György Kurtág b. 1926
Hommage à R. Sch. Op.15d for clarinet (and bass drum), viola and piano (1990)

Robert Schumann
Sechs Gesänge Op.107 arranged by Aribert Reimann, for soprano und string quartet (1994)

Jörg Widmann b. 1973
Nachtstück for clarinet, cello and piano (1998, rev. 2008)

Robert Schumann
Sechs Studien in kanonischer Form Op.56 arranged by Theodor Kirchner, for violin, cello and piano (1885)



Béatrice Rauchs piano
Isabelle Trüb piano
Catherine Beynon harp
Mariette Lentz soprano
Markus Brönnimann flute
Sébastien Duguet clarinet
Nelly Guignard violin
Esra Kerber viola
Marc Jacoby violin & viola
Niall Brown cello


The creative genius of Robert Schumann, his unbridled, dreamlike fantasy and his close affinity to
poetry and literature, has inspired many composers after him. This highly original program offers
several works written as Hommage à Schumann: by György Kurtág (Hommage à R. Sch. for clarinet,
viola and piano), Jörg Widmann (Nachtstück, for clarinet, cello and piano), as well as original works by
Schumann himself, arranged for different ensembles by Aribert Reimann (Fantasiestücke Op. 73, for
clarinet, flute, harp, two violas and 6 Gesänge Op. 107 for soprano and string quartet) and Theodor
Kirchner (Sechs Studien, for violin, cello and piano).


… This recording is a gratifying compilation of gentle tones and with its arrangements and recreations
treads an original path to Robert Schumann. This is what Kammerata Luxembourg stands for: an ensemble
that displays its country of origin in its name and is fundamentally an innovative chamber
music ensemble, with a new name to mark the occasion.

With Hommage à Schumann, Kammerata captures the strong influence that the great Romantic
master continues to exert on his contemporary counterparts.
… Overall a recording deserving of a high repertoire value.
Johannes Killyen in « Das Orchester » 2019