… Kammerata Luxembourg – an unusual chamber music ensemble with a concept album titled “Hommage à Schumann”. Delicately, almost sophisticatedly, the various overpainting layers are exposed, from Theodor Kirchner to Aribert Reimann and to Jörg Widmann. The heart of the album is György Kurtág’s cycle “Hommage à R. Sch.” (i.e. Robert Schumann), an original composition performed as written. While it may be the furthest removed from the great master, it nevertheless penetrates deeply into the universe of Schumann.
Eleonore Büning in SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik Dezember 2019

 This recording is a gratifying compilation of gentle tones and with its arrangements and recreations treads an original path to Robert Schumann. This is what Kammerata Luxembourg stands for: an ensemble that displays its country of origin in its name and is fundamentally an innovative chamber music ensemble, with a new name to mark the occasion. With Hommage à Schumann, Kammerata captures the strong influence that the great Romantic master continues to exert on his contemporary counterparts.
Overall a recording deserving of a high repertoire value.
Johannes Killyen in “Das Orchester” 2019

 … Regarding Widmann, Nachtstück – This brilliant interpretation by Kammerata succeeded in turning a brittle work into something exciting and even thrilling.
Remy Franck in Pizzicato – August 2019